TNTax Business Services, Inc. provides year-round tax, payroll, and business services for individuals, farmers/ranchers, partnerships, corporations and trusts. TNT keeps up to date with constantly changing Federal, State, and local regulations. Let TNT focus on your tax and business needs so you don’t have to.

Below are some of the services we offer. There are many other services we provide to clients. Please contact us if you have a need that we may be able to fulfill.

Income Taxes

TNTax Business Services has three Enrolled Agents on staff to handle all of your federal and state income tax needs.

The types of federal and state income tax returns we prepare include (but are not limited to):

Individual Income Tax Return

Corporate Income Tax Return

S-Corp Income Tax Return

Partnership Income Tax Return

Nonprofit Income Tax Return

Estate Income Tax Return

Trust Income Tax

Gift Tax


Keeping up with payroll tax laws and withholding rates can be burdensome for business owners. Let our experienced payroll professionals ensure your employees receive the correct pay, and that all federal and state liabilities are payed.

As your company grows it is likely your employees will have different types of withholdings. Figuring out how much of a paycheck can be withheld can be burdensome for small business owners. Our staff has experience dealing with various types of payroll withholding. These withholdings include (but are not limited to):

Insurance premiums

Supplemental insurance (AFLAC)

Voluntary garnishments

Court ordered garnishments

Child Support

State taxes & Reports

There are 50 states in the US, and each of those states has different sales tax and reporting regulations. Our staff has experience filing state sales, use, and excise returns.

Additionally each state has different reporting requirements for various businesses. TNTax Business Services is able to assist your business in ensuring these reports are timely filed with the proper information.


Bookkeeping is time consuming for businesses, small and large alike. Let our qualified bookkeepers enter all of your transactions into one set of books. Doing so will free you up to focus on your business.

There is more to bookkeeping than just entering data. Along with data entry for bookkeeping we can reconcile accounts and print profit and loss reports. The reconciliation report will give you peace of mind that your balances are accurate. By also having a profit and loss report, you will be able to make decisions about which parts of your company are aligned with your financial goals!

Accounts Payable & Receivable

We also have the capability to handle all of your accounts payable and accounts receivable needs.

Paying your bills on time is important. Missed bills can cost extra money. Worse yet, missed bills may mean vendors you deal with may withhold goods or services. Let our staff ensure your companies bills are paid in a timely manner.

As a business you cannot pay your bills unless you bring in money. Yet small business owners rarely have time to send out bills so they can receive their revenues that are necessary. TNTax Business Services experienced staff can invoice your clients to help ensure you don’t miss revenue. Additionally we can help to send out reminder statements and assess finance charges for times when your clients are not paying you timely.

SD Registered Agent

Does your business need a point of contact in South Dakota to be a commercial registered agent? Many out of state businesses doing work in South Dakota are required to have a local contact If you are one of those businesses, for a small annual fee, TNTax Business Services will act as the contact for your business within the state of SD.