If you already have an account setup for the client portal click on the link below.


At TNTax Business Services, Inc., we take the security of your data seriously. To ensure data transferred between our clients and staff members is secure, we have implemented a secure document transfer portal.

If you would like to transfer files to or from TNTax Business Services staff, please follow the directions below.

Send an email with your full name to ken@tntaxbs.com

The email address you send the email with will be used to create your account.

Within one business day you will receive an email that says “Ken Santema has shared a folder with you”. In that email you will see the TNTax Business Services logo and there will be instructions on how to activate your account. There is also a link to a quick tour of how the Client Portal works. Below is a sample of what the email should look like:

When you are done reading the email, click on the green ACTIVATE button towards the bottom of the email.

On the Activation screen make sure you name is spelled correctly. You will also have to enter a phone number.

You will have to set a password for the client portal. The password requirements are as follows:

  • Password must be at least 12 characters
    • Must have at least one upper case letter
    • Must have at least one lower case letter
    • Must have at least one number
    • Must have at least one punctuation

Do not lose your password. You will need this to send and receive files to and from the TNTax staff!

Once you have set a password, click on “I agree to SmartVault’s Terms of Service” and then click “Create My User”

After clicking “create my user” you will be sent a second email. In that email will be a verification code to validate your idendity. Do NOT close this window. Go to your email in a different windows (or tab) and copy the identity code sent to you and paste it into the verification page. Then click “Submit”. You only have ten minutes to use a validation code once it has been sent. Don’t worry, you can always click on resend code!

You will now have access to upload and download files in the client portal!